Why you should become a performance and learning pro

Why you should become a performance and learning pro

Our CEO Rob Pearson recently visited a human resources class at George Brown College to talk about the profession and inspire students to build a career in learning.
Here are the top reason why:
1. It pays well – as long as there are businesses, there will always be a need for learners and trainers.
2. You can work in any industry you like – from the mines in the Northwest Territories, to a hospital in Kingston.
3. You probably already have many of the key skills you need to succeed: communication, teaching and basic business acumen (which can be learned!)
4. There will never be a dull moment – you’re always around people and it’s a great way to meet people from all walks of life.
5. The reward of developing talent in your coworkers.
6. The satisfaction that comes from boosting your organization’s health and prosperity (or overall success).
Add your comments below – why did you go into performance + learning?


A student from George Brown College asks CEO Rob Pearson a question after his presentation.
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