Six Ways to Support Individual Learning Needs in Today’s Workplace

Six Ways to Support Individual Learning Needs in Today’s Workplace

Today’s guest blog post comes to us from EBSCO Information Services, a partner level supporter of Learn@Work Month. EBSCO is the engine that feeds The Institute for Performance and Learning’s Reference Library. 

Today the learning needs within the workforce are more diverse than ever and in order to achieve company-wide learning goals you have to start with the individual. Below are six ways to help do just that.

Get Employees to the (Best) Points Quickly

The work day can be hectic and employees need to access information quickly to develop their skills. Concise and comprehensive summaries of the best business books is one way to help employees learn and develop, efficiently.

  1. Entice the “Learning Senses”
  2. Encourage Social Collaboration

You are more likely to try one restaurant over the other if your colleague recommends it. The same applies to learning materials. Reviews and comments on content encourage social collaboration and, ultimately, usage.

  1. Get Specific with Competencies

Practice reports focusing on a single competency with best practices and case studies help to illustrate real world application and let your employees develop the right competencies at the right time.

  1. Name Drop

Employees want to learn from the best. Provide a variety of content like top industry journals and magazines as well as e-books from leading authors and publishers.

  1. Be Seen

Integrating learning resources into your company’s LMS is a streamlined approach creating a natural learning “reflex” for your employees. They know where and how to get the information they need.

EBSCO Organizational Learning starts with a robust collection of highly-relevant content. We then customize our solutions to meet your organization’s needs, supporting a full range of learning and competency objectives. To learn more and to request a free trial visit:


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