Fake Plane Crash at Pearson’s training

Fake Plane Crash at Pearson’s training

European Airlines 000 and its fictional crash victims were part of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)’s biggest training exercise at Pearson International Airport this weekend.

Hundreds of firefighters, police offers and paramedics helped fake victims from the “crash”, during its annual training exercise at Pearson International Airport.

Emergency responders, communications staff, airline officials and government agencies interacted with volunteer actors, covered in pretend wounds and crying for help, along with their “friends and family” in Terminal 3.

Shabeen Hanifa, a spokesperson with the GTAA said, “It’s really a great way for us to test our safety and security.”

The exercise also aims to find flaws within the workflow and to implement any required changes.

“At the end of the day we do a hot wash, which is where we review everything that we’ve done, look at what the good was and where there’s opportunities for improvement,” Hanifa said.

Regular passenger travel was not affected by the training.


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