Learner Impact Award

The 2017 Learner Impact Award of Excellence is decided by you, the members!

Following a highly competitive review process the Awards of Excellence Judging Panel have chosen two finalists for the Learner Impact Award of Excellence.

These videos / interactive modules have exceeded the criteria in the following areas:


  • In addition to well-developed goals, visual effects, and enhanced learning, the interaction provides interactive learning that engages the learner and positively impacts their needs.
  • The educational content is delivered in a highly coupled and seamless fashion within the interaction. The learner can sufficiently build their knowledge and skills of the interaction,  and [the interaction] provides a motivating experience for the learner.
  • Provided sufficient ability to transfer knowledge gained from interaction to applicable events that produce measurable outcomes and the learner becomes efficient users of the knowledge gained.
  • Provided sufficient transfer of knowledge and which incorporates multiple methods to engage the brain e.g. reading, audio, visual, synchronous, asynchronous, discussions, etc.
  • The learner is highly engaged in the interaction with: active participation, and feeling present in the interaction, can comprehend and utilize the content, and can progress at the appropriate cognitive level. For online learning, there are ample prompts and cues imbedded in the interaction to keep the learner actively engaged.
  • Audio, visual and kinesthetic learning styles are highly involved between the learner and the interaction. The learner is highly motivated and engaged with the educational content. The interaction at this level feels natural and  that the learner is very familiar with, and is ingrained in, their natural way of thinking.