Employee Engagement Expert, Dan Pontefract

Employee Engagement Expert, Dan Pontefract

#i4pl Let’s Talk About Employee Engagement


This month’s Twitter chat is on on employee engagement.

Dan Pontefract, author of Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization will be joining the conversation – so be sure to tune in!

For some extra-reading to get you prepped, click here.


Q1. Describe your work in one sentence. #i4pl

Q2. There have been so many books and articles on employee engagement. What is something that has surprised you? #i4pl

Q3. Why do you think employee engagement is so low? #i4pl

Q4. What is the ultimate employee engagement sin people aren’t aware of? #i4pl

Q5. How do you measure an ee rate? Is there a target we should aim for? #i4pl

Q6. How does purpose relate to engaging our employees? #i4pl


Our monthly chats happen the last Tuesday of each month at 1PM ET.

Mark your calendars for the next one and check out some older ones on essential skills, the 70/20/10 model and xAPI.

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