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Aligning  the profession’s most innovative people, projects, and programs with the Institute’s standards of excellence.

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Our Awards of Excellence program is an evolution of the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence – showcasing the best of the best by sharing our members’ dynamic and innovative work with the world.

We stand for excellence.

We are a thriving community of professionals dedicated to excellence in the design, creation and implementation of workforce solutions. These solutions engage, enable, and inspire employees to perform at their best and make the organizations where they work more successful, innovative, and productive.


Winners will be recognized at our Awards Gala and will be invited to showcase their award-winning innovations at I4PL at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto.)



  • Entries will be assessed on: project planning and execution, solution strategy and design, and solution effectiveness and impact.
  • The scope of the entry can be a strategic plan, program, individual course or other deliverable that supports performance and learning in your organization.
  • Partnerships between organizations and vendors, vendor-only submissions, or individual consultants are all permitted.
  • Must provide evidence of a Canadian connection for international submissions.
  • The subject of the submission should not be more than 3 years old