New Year’s everyday for former Olympian

New Year’s everyday for former Olympian

Former Olympian track cyclist Tanya Dubnicoff will be keynoting at i4pl this year. Now an executive coach, she draws on her experiences as a former Olympic champion to coach others on and off the track.

Nikki Hamblin-AbbeyIn Rio this year, Dubnicoff remembers moments of heroism, compassion and conflict. Take the 5,000m race for example, when American Abbey D’Agostino lended a hand to her competitor, New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin, after she fell.

“I think when you strip away the sports, these situations happen all the time,” Dubnicoff says. If you’re in business, “there’s going to be challenges. Ask yourself how this will affect you.”

Since competing in her last Games in 2000, the biggest change is that now everybody is an expert or a specialist. Everyone is hoping for marginal gains: training harder to knock off 1 second off of your swim time or doing 1% better. The solutions in self-help materials don’t help much.


“We’re being overstimulated with reasons why need to change. There are all these workshops you can take to be better. It’s paralyzing,” she says.

So what’s the secret? Dubnicoff says it’s in a belief system that will give you an unwavering “confidence and competence in what you do. Regardless of the goals and objective the corporation has on the door, it’s you and your belief system that’s going to get things done,” she says.

The finish line can be anything. Using the Olympic lens, Dubnicoff aims to help everyone inspire and transform themselves without a 10-week plan found in a magazine. “It doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve; it’s New Year’s every day.”

Tanya Dubnicoff will be speaking at i4pl this year – get your tickets today!

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