Skills for Tomorrow, Today.

Skills for Tomorrow, Today.

In honour of Essential Skills Day, ABC Life Literacy Canada (ABC) hosted a roundtable discussion: Skills for Tomorrow, Today in Toronto, Ontario. Leaders in the essential skills and training sectors participated in a rich conversation that concluded that increased literacy and essential skills training in Canadian workplaces will result in better outcomes for the economy and the lives of workers.

Participants included:

  • Gillian Mason, President, ABC Life Literacy Canada
  • Shaun Thorson, CEO, Skills Canada
  • Scott McNeil Smith, Director, Strategic Planning and Communications at EMC. President at Canadian Manufacturing Network
  • Rob Pearson, President, The Institute for Performance and Learning
  • Warren Everson, Senior Vice President, Policy, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

ABC Life Literacy Canada is committed to raising the nation’s awareness and taking action to improve skills, training and lifelong learning for all Canadians. There is a need right now for essential skills training in the workplace to close the skills gap and improve Canada’s economy. Employers have a leading role to play in ensuring that Canadians have the skills they need to live a fully engaged life. To learn more and hear from panel participants, watch the webcast recording:

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