Recognizing prior learning

Recognizing prior learning

If you are an immigrant-serving organization and work with refugees/immigrants who may not have access to authenticated formal credentials, or an occupational body/academic institution looking for reliable and rigorous ways to assess competencies against occupational or academic standards, or a career development counsellor who provides job search and employment counselling to the unemployed/ underemployed in your community, attend CAPLA’s Boot Camp to improve the way we acknowledge learning in Canada!

We expect the new format will energize those already in the field and stimulate those who understand the importance of recognizing all learning but don’t know how to get started in a cost-effective way.

Can you imagine a better process to recognize and assess transferable skills and competencies? Can you re-think the way you advise immigrants, job-seekers, older workers or adult learners looking for meaningful work and appropriate training in Canada? Can you make time for someone to tell their life and learning story? Can you visualize the impact of assessing a person’s knowledge, skills and abilities with greater confidence, reliability and fairness?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be a Boot Camp cadet so get ready for an intense work-out to ramp up your RPL activities.

Your quality-assured ‘tools of the RPL trade’ will be the Canadian Guiding Principles for Quality RPL Practice, a Six Step Quality RPL process, Self-Audit Checklists and real-life stories from experienced presenters. You can help strengthen Canada’s labour force by valuing, assessing and re-deploying people’s workplace skills and life experiences in efficient ways ,to meet job requirements, industry standards or core competencies. This two-day event is a unique experience for the recognition of prior learning (RPL) in diverse fields, and is about capacity-building, efficiency and quality. Listen to real-life success stories and try out new ideas that will revolutionize your career advising and assessment world.

To register for the boot camp (October 14-15), click hereEarly bird ends September 16!

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