Reaching the Untethered Modern Learner: February Workshops

Reaching the Untethered Modern Learner: February Workshops

Those of us who work with today’s untethered modern learner (UML) know how challenging it can be to reach today’s learner – they don’t go into the office every day and are often part of a virtual team. And yet, they still need to learn and develop regardless of whether they are working from home, a cafe or the nearby library. Bombarded with information all vying for their attention, today’s learners need learning to be interactive, collaborative, fun, meaningful and engaging, when and where they desire. On-demand like Netflix. Convenient like Uber. Everywhere like Airbnb.

Although YouTube may be his/her first stop for learning, how will you ensure they are getting the skills and knowledge they need for success? Jamie Good, Digital Fluency Coach is offering a workshop to give you the tools you need to reach an untethered workforce.

He will be in Toronto on Feb. 9. Ottawa on Feb. 10, and in Montréal, Feb. 11 to discuss social learning approaches and micro-learning opportunities.

There will be coffee & light snacks –  come ready to discuss, debate ant work out ways to reach the UML.

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