Hitting the L&D ground running

Hitting the L&D ground running

by Hailey Chan

Jennifer Hughes works at Scotiabank as the Senior Manager of Curriculum Design and Development for the Customer Contact Centres. Unlike most workplace performance and learning professionals, she started out in the field early on in her career.

As a McMaster grad thinking she would pursue a career in teaching, Hughes stumbled onto learning by way of an internship.

“I think there are probably a lot of similar people out there, who don’t even know about [workplace performance and learning] as an option.” she says.

“People who are looking to careers in business, consulting, tech, design or other related fields may not necessarily realize that there’s so many interesting points of connection,” Hughes adds.

To hear more from Jennifer Hughes, watch the video above!

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  • Deepti Panicker

    August 9, 2016 at 2:48 pm Reply

    Hi Jennifer,

    Its amazing to see like minded professionals who share a similar passion for learning. Its great to have come across your story!

    I hope we can be in touch.


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