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The moments that define our success in our career and relationships – both at work and at home – are when we are under the most pressure. Research shows that in these critical moments, people take a haphazard approach that keep us from doing our best when it matters most.

Whether it’s handling difficult relationships, being asked to do more with less, or managing change, individuals and organizations who can skillfully manage the pressure they face have higher levels of engagement, implement change more successfully and drive greater performance.


Learn insights into how your brain responds under pressure

The Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP), a research and learning company, has developed impactful training programs using research into the effects or pressure and the latest in neuroscience to provide strategies, skills and insights people can apply in times of high stress. You can access their resources, including white papers, videos, etc., for free on their website.

“I’d love to say we’d solve world peace,” jokes Bill Benjamin, Partner at IHHP. “Truly though, our clients find that our Performing Under Pressure programs absolutely helps them at work. It really resonates because of the research and scientific foundation- and there’s also a huge application in their personal life.”

IHHP has worked with clients in many different industries, including Coca Cola, Pfizer, Intel, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Goldman Sachs, the CIA and the FBI. “Imagine the pressure an FBI agent faces – the judgment they’re feeling and the pressure to be in very difficult situations,” Benjamin says. More common stressors we may face include public speaking, dealing with change and difficult relationships.

The senior leaders at Allstate Canada saw how practical and interactive the program was and rolled out IHHP’s training to their entire management team, resulting in improved engagement and increased ability among leaders to coach, lead through change and drive results.

ILOGO - NY Time BS badge MEDIUMHPerforming Under PressureHP’s leadership development curriculum aims to develop our ability to manage our emotions, thinking and conversations under pressure, in order to be effective on the job. Through tailored keynotes, training, assessment and coaching programs, along with their New York Times bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure, co-authored by Dr. J.P. PawliwIHHP provides new insights and strategies that can be applied in order to lead and perform more effectively.

An excerpt of the book can be found here.

Whether you’re an Olympic athlete, U.S. Marine or senior leader in an organization, “I’ve never had anyone say, ‘I don’t feel much pressure,’” Benjamin says.

IHHP is offering $100 off their public programs to our members (use discount code minus100).



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