Global Trends in Talent Development

Last spring, ATD International and ATD Research approached The Institute for Performance and Learning (then the Canadian Society for Training and Development) to help with their Global Trends in Talent Development research project. Canada had the largest response rate outside of the United States and the Canadian-focused data analysis can be found in the recent issue of P+L magazine and also posted to the Learning Blog.

Regarding the global data collected:

  • There were 1,373 participants. Of these, 845 were from North America; 119 were from Latin America; 129 were from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and 280 were from the Asia-Pacific region. The Global Trends in Talent Development research report offers comparisons across these regions, and in some cases, groupings by workforce size.
  • It was found that talent development professionals across the world agreed that linking learning to performance and building a culture that supports talent development are high priorities.
  • Learning hours per employee didn’t differ significantly across regions, with the worldwide average being around 34 hours. However, there were regional differences in the top content areas and budgets for learning.

An overview of the findings will take place during an ATD hosted webinar on October 8, 2015 at 1:00 PM ET. The webinar is open to all:

Below is an interesting infographic that includes key data points from the research.

Global Trends Infographic

The white paper and full version of the report are available for purchase online at

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