Your content, multiple ways

Your content, multiple ways

People don’t just learn from courses.

They learn more deeply when they’re trying to solve something in the real world, because it has intrinsic meaning and value. We can teach our learners ahead of time by anticipating their needs, but as time goes on, even someone who scores 100% on a test may forget most of the learning content.

If you can spend the time to make a content once and use it in multiple ways, that’s where dominKnow’s Vice President of Learning Solutions, Chris Van Wingerden, believes is where the money lies. “Nobody’s L&D budget is limitless,” he says.

Van Wingerden compares the Learning Management System (LMS), the office in the school where student records are kept and courses are selected to the Learning Content Management System (LCMS), the teacher’s desk – where you create the content to be run in the LMS.

The dominKnow Platform is an LCMS created to solve problems for organizations; storing learning content for multiple years so that it can be reused to solve problems in multiple places, when the learners need it. The tool has all the power of a LCMS and is as easy to use as a desktop tool like PowerPoint. “Anyone who’s used to working in Microsoft Office products is going to log into the tool and feel very comfortable right away,” he says.

The web-based suite includes Claro, Flow and Capture, modes that allow organizations to author traditional elearning content, responsive learning content and even produce software simulations. The savings in time and effort is huge – imagine making one page that will adapt to any device vs. making multiple pages to be displayed on different devices.

The powerful tool even has the ability to share content and media assets across different courses. Use a logo in as many courses as you’d like, and if marketing sends you a new version, replace it once and it will update the image everywhere that it’s used. Global teams like Oracle, Accenture and Pfizer have taken note and have made the dominKnow Platform their choice for content development.

Your files will never go missing and the latest version will always be available (not stored on someone’s S drive in a folder with 7 different iterations all labelled “FINAL”), even as people come and go from a team. Within an organization, you can set permissions to allow editing. A built-in feedback process also includes a free Reviewer role for subject matter experts that can review your content.

Van Wingerden will be speaking at i4pl in his session on “Strategies for Single-source, Multi-purpose Learning Content”, in which he’ll cover strategies for planning and designing content for multiple learning uses.


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