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Canadian Awards for Training Excellence
The Canadian Awards for Training Excellence were awarded on November 19, 2015 in Toronto. The 2015 winners serve a wide variety of industries and represent the best in design thinking for our profession.


The Facilitated Learning, Blended Learning and eLearning programs submitted are rated using the Competencies for Training and Development Professionals©, and are also rated on the originality of the program, the value to the organization, and the learner experience.


The JOLT award recognizes innovation that has entered the performance and learning profession in the form of a dynamic product, service, process or organization initiative.


2016 Awards: We will open the 2016 awards submission season this spring! For inquiries, please contact Melissa Korn at


BC Housing and Justice Institute of British Columbia

Web_Size-BCHousingLogoJustice Institute of BC

CLIP: Competencies in Leadership an Integrated Program 

Category: Blended Learning


CLIP: Competencies in Leadership an Integrated Program is an experiential, technology‐enhanced leadership development program created by BC Housing in partnership with the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC). Designed to prepare the social housing organization’s leaders to be innovative and effective in a complex and evolving landscape, the program supports and influences the organization as it strengthens its culture of coaching and personal leadership. Based on deeply embedded leadership competencies, CLIP creates more mindful, resilient leaders who build up and support their teams and are wholeheartedly aligned with the organization’s goals. Participants apply learning immediately and positively impact the performance of their teams and organization. Our blended learning approach includes: a Blackboard-based eLearning portal to engage learners and develop foundational knowledge; workshops immersing learners in JIBC’S Praxis simulation technology; our internationally award-winning (PRISM) coaching program; and workplace triads that provide opportunity for synthesis in the real world. Learning through CLIP is transformational.


CLIP results in leaders who inspire and influence others, and are nimble in their decision-making while considering external and internal factors. They encourage and support their staff to take calculated risks while acknowledging an ever-changing environment. We are also seeing strong collaborative relationships that align with BC Housing’s strategic priorities.

Ellicom and Canada Post

canada_post_web   Ellicom

RMO Training Program

Category: eLearning

Designed to replace an existing program, as well as optimize and simplify Canada Post’s training process, the project was developed to train both new Route Management Officers as well as to standardize training for those already on the job. Ellicom was hired to create an immersive training environment with a high degree of simulation fidelity which emulated the workplace and met the specific needs of Canada Post and its employees. Divided into nine modules, the course was designed to be asynchronous and respond to the needs of its different target learners.


Program Impact: Over 48 hours of training activities, seven training modules (six phases plus an introduction, fundamentals and conclusion). A dynamic scenario-based approach set in an immersive environment created for the project. Delivered in both English and French.

Hydro One Networks, Inc.

hydroOne plug

Accessing Transmission Line Structures Using the Helicopter AirStair

Category: Facilitated Learning

The Accessing Transmission Line Structures Using the Helicopter AirStair course teaches Powerline Technicians the correct procedures to safely use a helicopter AirStair in conjunction with the Wishbone Safety Device. This device was designed and developed by Hydro One as part of their commitment to workplace health and safety. Powerline Technicians use the helicopter AirStair and Wishbone Safety Device to transfer from a helicopter to transmission line structures to complete installation, maintenance and repair work in a safe and controlled manner. They work at heights in excess of 210 metres on transmission powerlines that have the capacity to carry up to 500 kV. The work is highly specialized, dangerous and can take place in extremely hazardous conditions.



The Accessing Transmission Line Structures Using the Helicopter AirStair course further mitigates the risk to Powerline Technicians. Through classroom training and field exercises the course: builds confidence in participants; contributes to a strong crew dynamic; reduces the risk of serious injury or death.

Xerox Canada Ltd, Lee Hecht Harrison, Knightsbridge

Xerox Logo_Large Web siteLee Hecht, Knightsbridge

Xerox Driving Results™ – Achieving High Performance Through Coaching

Category: Facilitated Learning


Xerox Canada Ltd. is undergoing a growth and transformation journey to gain market leadership in the outsourced services space. Building leadership capability is a key element of this strategy. With increasing market demands and business complexity, answers are not as evident anymore. Leaders need to use a coaching mindset, skillset and process to build employee capacity to think creatively and independently to come up with their own solutions to business problems. The Xerox Driving Results™ – Achieving High Performance Through Coaching program was custom designed in partnership with Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge Corp. to enable a coaching culture. It equips managers with the ability to apply a developmental mindset with their people to drive long-term performance. The program goes beyond formal training and encompasses senior leaders’ ownership of building coaching capabilities in their managers, through expectation setting, ongoing skills practice, and rewarding desired behaviours, all while modeling coaching behaviours themselves.


Since January 2013, when the Driving Results™ program was launched, coaching has become a pervasive management practice at Xerox Canada, recognized by senior leaders and managers as critical to driving leadership effectiveness and business performance. Through a focus on employee development, it has improved productivity rates, employee retention and engagement scores.


ATB Financial

atb-colour-logoMasterful leadership

Masterful Leadership Conversations

Category: Blended Learning

ATB Financial is an employer of choice because our leaders continually develop themselves, build strong relationships and achieve outstanding results. We invest in their success because we believe all team members have the right to be led by great leaders, and leaders have the responsibility to be great. In 2013, ATB launched its first internally designed, developed and facilitated blended leadership development program Masterful Leadership Conversations. This six-week blended learning program utilizes the 70/20/20 approach and consists of asynchronous and synchronous online and classroom learning. Delivery modalities include WebEx, facilitated classroom sessions, a social learning platform, and partnering with an external vendor to provide an experiential learning component. Throughout the six weeks, participants learn about, practice and apply foundational leadership skills and conversations that are key to our ongoing success. These skills include coaching and feedback conversations, leadership presence, adaptive leadership, and difficult conversations. To date, 538 leaders have participated in the Conversations program.


Program Impact: A 2% increase in the engagement scores of participating leaders. A 5% average increase in capability across the five skill areas (according to 180 multirater feedback).

CIBC Retail, Bond Brand Loyalty, Tata Interactive Systems

Logo CIBC_CR_KEY_2C_RGB   Bond Brand LoyaltyTata Interactive

NPS Learning Program

Category: Blended Learning

The Net Promoter System (NPS) learning solution supports the adoption of NPS at CIBC as part of improving client-centricity. Through this training program, frontline leaders learn to use the NPS metric, engage our clients through closed-loop conversations and coach employees in client-centric behaviours. The blended learning approach was chosen because it allows us to meet the multiple needs of the learners who are geographically dispersed, time-crunched and come from lines of business with different types of clients, and need to learn technical skills, conceptual knowledge and people skills.
The program includes short, engaging and innovative learning assets, which build on and complement each other:

  • Animations explaining NPS and the closed-loop process
  • Instructor-led session for practicing client conversations
  • eLearning on coaching
  • Learning game for practicing people skills
  • Performance support tools for the new NPS portal
  • Videos telling client loyalty stories
  • Promoters Community website
  • Leaders are making successful closed-loop calls using NPS skills and knowledge
  • Leaders say NPS enables them to be more client-centric by:
  • Responding directly to positive and negative client feedback
  • Using client feedback to coach frontline employees
  • Quantitative impact: more CIBC promoters and better NPS results

Business Development Bank of Canada, Chamberland Conseil, Ellicom

BDC_web Chamberland_web Ellicom_web

Agility and Efficiency Training Program

Category: Blended Learning

In 2012, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) decided to undertake a complete transformation of its organization, in the spirit of innovation and efficiency. In addition to technological updates, BDC wanted to reform all of its administrative processes and procedures. To support this project, the Agility & Efficiency Program (A&E) was created.


Considering the sheer number of changes and their impact on everyone’s work, special attention had to be paid to how the changes were managed internally. This meant that it was crucial to ensure that BDC employees received adequate training on the A&E program to implement the new ways of doing business. To this end, BDC enlisted Ellicom’s services to design, develop and implement an ambitious blended learning program which included almost 450 hours of training activities.


Results included: a blended training for over 1,450 learners; a national roadshow to present the solution to employees; over 150 hours of in-class training; a learning portal with 340 eLearning capsules with nearly 300 hours of training content; and the largest custom training development project awarded to a Canadian company to date.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario, Pathways Training & eLearning

OLG2         Pathways   Problem Gambling


OLG’s Responsible Gambling Training Program for Gaming Employees


Category: Blended Learning


Program Description: At OLG, Responsible Gambling is a central pillar of our business. The logic is simple: we don’t want problem gamblers playing our games; we want healthy players who can manage their play over the long term. OLG recognizes the important role that our employees play in promoting Responsible Gambling to our customers and has worked with the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario (PGIO) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to develop an enhanced Responsible Gambling training program for Gaming employees. Focused on continuous improvement, OLG implemented a blended training program including online modules and in-class training to move employees from awareness to being able to effectively respond to players who display gambling red flag behaviours. The enhanced program teaches the Recognize, Respond, Report approach, with formal online reinforcement modules and site-level reinforcement tactics that strengthen employee skills and confidence to interact with customers and promote Responsible Gambling.


To promote responsible play with customers, including those concerned about their gambling or exhibiting gambling red flag behaviours, employees are trained to provide helpful information and refer customers to third-party support services. Over 8,500 Gaming employees completed the new training as a mandatory component of OLG’s world-renowned Responsible Gambling program.

BCE Pharma and Ellicom

BCE PharmaEllicom_web


Category: eLearning 

In order to deliver and manage training activities on compounding sterile preparations for hazardous and non-hazardous drugs, BCE Pharma hired Ellicom to develop an online solution called QUESS-LMS (learning management system), which incorporates interactive eLearning capsules with hands-on training and evaluations. The training solution targets employees that compound sterile preparations for hazardous and non-hazardous drugs and has two different aims: to equip these professionals with security standards to follow on the job, and to allow pharmacists to manage and evaluate their employees’ skills. The LMS includes over 3.25 hours of eLearning activities and a collection of reference documents and evaluation forms for laboratory staff evaluations.

This system is a component of BCE Pharma’s QUESS 360 program, a complete training and online record-keeping solution. Developed by an external firm, the system complements the LMS by allowing pharmacists to track their certified staff’s training activities.

In response to the training challenges related to compounding sterile preparations, BCE Pharma opted for an innovative IT training solution (QUESS 360), of which QUESS-LMS is a component. This eLearning management system incorporates interactive theoretical instruction with a practical training and evaluation program.

GEVC Inc. and Public Works and Government Services Canada


Harnessing Change at PWGSC

Category: eLearning
This one-hour online course supports all PWGSC employees as they prepare for different changes to be implemented in their workplace, roles, responsibilities and tools. This highly interactive, thought-provoking eLearning session helps learners become aware of what they can and cannot control, and encourages them to see changes in their work environment as a vehicle that can propel them in a positive direction.


Rather than preach to employees about the general benefits of organizational changes, Harnessing Change takes an innovative approach by challenging learners to consider their individual attitude toward change, while providing them with models, theories and strategies to “harness” and use each workplace change to their benefit.


Employees who are overwhelmed or distrustful of change can become disengaged, which can lead to poor performance, morale and productivity. To combat potential employee disengagement in the face of sweeping organizational changes, Harnessing Change empowers learners with insight, tools and techniques to approach change on their own terms.

University of Waterloo


Principles of Inclusivity

Category: Facilitated Learning

Providing an inclusive environment for students, staff and faculty is within The University of Waterloo’s strategic plan. In 2009, a committee was formed to develop a set of principles by which campus members should engage one another. The Principles of Inclusivity were created to reflect the culture of the University, the Canadian legal system and are supported in Policies and Practices.


To embed this deeper into our culture, Organizational & Human Development (OHD) created a seven-part Inclusivity certificate program to reinforce the concept of inclusion and to educate and develop the skills for practical application.


This experiential series not only creates an opportunity for participants to understand the value of inclusion but also provides OHD with feedback to foster broad support and life-long learning.


The University of Waterloo’s Strategic Plan has a single goal: to be recognized as one of the top innovation universities in the world. The Principles of Inclusivity Program help facilitate and transform this organizational purpose into individual and collective action – the values to which we engage with one another.


Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Gillis Consulting & Training


Best Western Internationalcompany logo

Sales Champion Program

Best Western is the World’s Largest Hotel Family and has over 4,000 independently owned and operated hotels around the world, 2,100 of which are in North America. Their challenge is that over 70% of Best Western’s 2,100 hotels do not have a dedicated sales person to proactively develop business for their respective hotels so they rely on incoming inquiries, leads from the brand and online channels. General Managers/Owners are focused on operations and bottom line and many lack the sales skills required to build and implement a sales strategy. Best Western wanted to create a sales training program for the General Managers/Owners that not only shifts their mindset about their role, but that increases their skill set and has them leading by example to create a sales focused culture for their entire team.


Hotels are not realizing their full revenue potential, which has an impact not only on the hotels’ success, but their perception of what value the brand is providing them. Hotel managers tend to be focused on operations and lack the sales skills required to build and implement a sales strategy.

Canadian Tire


Lights! Camera! Learning! Creating an In-House Video Production Capability

Using video in eLearning and blended training is not a new idea. Canadian Tire has used video training since the days of the VCR. What has changed is how frequently we use video, and who creates our training video.


Dealer Development & Learning (DDL) develops learning solutions for Canadian Tire stores. Previously, we used a corporate video production team or third-party contractors to create training videos. This was time consuming, subject to the availability of outside resources, and costly. As a result, we used video sparingly, even when it was the best delivery mechanism for the subject matter.


In a little more than a year, we have developed our own in-house video production capacity. We not only use more video, but we also spend less money and take less time to create videos than we did in the past. And best of all, we do not compromise on quality.


In-house video production offers:

  • better modeling of desired behaviours and customer interactions;
  • improved learner engagement;
  • reusable content for initial delivery or refresher training;
  • more flexibility and less cost than outside resources;
  • sustainability and scalability; and
  • additional uses beyond training (marketing, information sharing, video users’ manuals, etc.).


Drive Wise

Virtual Reality Air Brake Program 


Learning the functionality of an air brakes system used to mean going to a classroom and working on a large airbrakes board, looking at different components and imagining what they looked like, or sitting in a classroom watching videos and/or hours or presentations on the different components and their functionality. The way of learning the functionality of an airbrakes system is changing; DriveWise has developed a Virtual Reality 3D Air Brakes System that allows users the ability to tour a complete air brakes module, visualize components and interworking elements as well as experience different failures.


In this synopsis we will outline how our product, the Virtual Reality 3D Air Brakes System, meets the submission criteria as well as how it meets the needs of both the clients and organization. We will also describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats that our product presents in its niche market.


The advanced technology of 3D Air Brakes appeals to different learning styles and increases learner engagement and retention through interactivity and simulation. It provides substantial cost reduction from a traditional airbrake board, is a visual demonstration tool for the classroom instruction that is adaptable for self-paced learning with flip classroom methodology structured to training.

GEVC Inc. and Canada Post


Bite-Sized Retail Sales Training at Canada Post


Retail Postal Clerks are the face of Canada Post Corporation in 6,400 corporate and “dealer” retail outlets across the country. As such, they must be aware of new products and services as well as any associated tasks, such as scanning shipping labels, completing specialized forms and verifying different details for each transaction. Creating and deploying training on new parcel services to 17,300 Clerks was previously a time-consuming and costly undertaking… until Canada Post Corporation’s Retail Sales Training team approached GEVC Inc. to create a series of bite-sized training videos about a family of Canadians who use Canada Post Corporation to help them with their shipping needs.


As Canada Post Corporation shifts its business strategies, products and services to keep up with customers’ changing habits, it has also “jolted” its retail sales training from paper-based instructional aids to bite-sized videos to keep its Retail Postal Clerks up to date on new products and services.

Lafarge Canada Inc.



SOAR is the Lafarge Supervisory Skills Development Journey that aims to grow management skills at the front-line supervision level, planting the seeds of a coaching culture, and promoting collaboration across businesses and hierarchical levels.

SOAR strongly follows the experiential learning principles: it is made of 7 phases, implemented within 6 months, made of relevant Training Sessions, On The Job Assignments and Coaching Conversations. The success of SOAR is heavily reliant on Peer Coaching, Manager Coaches and Super Coaches.

More than a program, SOAR is a transformational journey that empowers all levels in the organization: SOAR creates an environment in which employees, their managers and senior leaders are actively engaged, are encouraged to be creative, come up with innovative solutions, share their knowledge, experience and ideas, and learn from one another.

By promoting learning at and from all levels in the organization, and encouraging frontline managers to experiment new ways of doing business, SOAR turns Lafarge into a more agile company, closer to its customers, able to adapt to a fast changing environment, and accelerates the execution of our business priorities: Health & Safety, transformation, cost optimization. 

CUSOURCE Knowledge Network and TAMLO

cusource logo big TAMLO_®_RGB


Financial Abuse of Older Adults

CUSOURCE Knowledge Network and TAMLO teamed up with Prevent Elder Abuse Manitoba to create an online program for credit unions across Canada. The course motivates and empowers employees by providing them with tools and resources that allow them to step in and offer assistance to seniors who are subject to financial abuse. The key to this success are three powerful stories that reach out grab your attention and your emotions:


David’s Story – A retired war veteran sets up a joint account with his friend, and the money starts to disappear.


Janice’s Story – A charming but irresponsible son talks his parents into co-signing a loan for a luxury pickup truck.


Stephanie’s Story – Siblings use alternating Powers of Attorney to fight over the family fortune while their mother is still alive. The program raises awareness of financial abuse of seniors and opens new channels of communication that extend far beyond its original scope.


Many people volunteered their time and expertise throughout the development of this outstanding program. Financial Abuse of Older Adults: Recognize, Review and Respond has succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations based on evaluations, written feedback, anecdotal evidence and the sheer number of registrants.