Canadian Contractors in L&D Study

Canadian Contractors in L&D Study

Do you work as a contractor in Learning and Development in Canada—either contracting yourself with a client or working through an agency to find work?

Then please participate in a study that explores the characteristics of contractors and the factors affect satisfaction with your work and its balance with your family life. The study is being conducted by Francoise Munger, MA student, and Saul Carliner, Professor of Education, at Concordia University in Montreal. The results should provide you and your clients with insights into this working arrangement and factors that might strengthen it in the future. Results will be communicated through the Institute for Performance and Learning, as well as through academic publications and conference presentations.

To participate in the study, please visit this link:

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The survey will remain open through December 19, 2016.

To learn more about the study, contact Francoise.

Francoise Munger,  MA Student                 Saul Carliner, PhD, CTDP
Department of Education                             Professor
Concordia University                                     Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec                                           Montreal, Quebec



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