10 Takeaways from Symposium

10 Takeaways from Symposium

by Sandra Currie-Samson, M.Ed
crossed-posted from a June 23rd LinkedIn Pulse post.

Last week I attended the Institute for Performance and Learning Vancouver Symposium. It was a great opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the country and to spend some time doing one of my favourite things – learning!

There is nothing better than collaborating with like-minded people. I always come away from events like this filled with new ideas and an eagerness to share.

So here are some of my takeaways that I wanted to share with you.

  1. 40% of all jobs are at high risk of being replaced by technology and computers within the next two decades. Those of us in the Learning and Development profession (and many other professions!!) need to embrace automation before the “machines” do it for us. We need to always be looking how we can automate and simplify what we do.
  2. Everyone should have a Personal Knowledge Mastery Plan. In Knowledge Mastery, everyone is a teacher as well as a learner. One way to do this is is to increase our participation in social networks to share new ideas. Social networks contain a diversity of ideas and opinions which prompt innovated thinking. Our work teams are also important because we share not only deadlines and goals but hopefully, knowledge as well. An effective way to link the two is to be involved with Communities of Practice which are a mix of social ties, integration of work and learning and most importantly, are a trusted space. You know when you are in a Community of Practice when it changes your Practice (love this line!).
  3. You can only train skills and knowledge. When you need to train try action mapping  to be more effective in your design.
  4. To better understand your learners’ experiences try using journey mapping. Journey mapping is a tool you can use to understand what their objectives for learning are and how they felt their experiences were throughout the different touch points with your organization. Find out more about Journey Mapping.
  5. There is no such thing as the “perfect” course.
  6. A savvy start to instructional design means having the right people in the room, knowing the difference between the present learner and the future learner, knowing what performance looks like and finally, knowing what success looks like.
  7. Storytelling can make learning come alive. Build an engaging story by creating strong characters, creating conflict, engaging participants through their senses, keeping it short & moving and by providing a clear message.
  8. Digital transformation is happening. 1/3 of companies will either transform or perish within the next 5 years. Which one will your organization or company do?
  9. SayDoCo – Say what you’ll do – Do what you say – Communicate when you can’t (basic but true).
  10. All people have greatness but interference from a variety of sources blocks this greatness from coming out. We all know what we should do. We all have the knowledge at our fingertips to learn what we should do. But why don’t we do it? The trick is to change what we focus on and eliminate the distractions while building the fire of desire (think curiosity) and having the faith in our abilities.

Looking forward to the Conference in November!

Feel free to share what you have learned this week in the comments below.


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